1Binary options systems are online investment solutions which execute trades and carry out financial operations on behalf of the trading account of the individual. It follows established market patterns and generates signals when issuing a price movement prediction. The trader is also given some level of control in the form of a manual mode.

Every user is entitled to the right to prefer to trade on auto-pilot or manual mode depending on whether he has some professional investment education and skills or is a complete newcomer. A binary options system is basically a signals-provider and an Algo-trading app.

Interesting Fact:

Algo-trading is basically any type of financial operation that is carried out online using a sophisticated computer algorithm. The latter is usually designer by coding specialists who have to tune in the platform to the accurate sources and set up its parameters, so that it knows exactly which type of market data to analyze and how.

This type of profit-amplifying software is advanced in comparison to the ones that provide one only with a single service. The combination between a signals-generating solution and an auto-trader is fairly new, considered to be quite unique and capable of ensuring profitable investment opportunities.

Our goal is to provide unbiased reviews of binary option apps and robots. That is why we would like to kindly recommend you not to rely on our reviews only but make an informed decision by reading other sources too. Here are some suggestions. Learn more about the trading strategies that traders use. Also check the Fintech LTD review – Fastest growing algorithmic trading company in the Europe. Last but not least we recommend checking HBSwiss – the choice of Swiss traders in binary options.

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How to Open an Account Easily?

Signing up with a binary options system is regarded as quite easy and should not take any longer than a couple of minutes. When the user proceeds to the official website of a legit and reliable income-generating solution, they will notice a fill out form at the top of the page.

Traders simply have to log in opening your binary account. They will be required to enter their best data into after which a confirmation email will be sent into their inboxes. Then, a minimum initial deposit of $250 must be placed with a preferred binary options broker.

This monetary amount is not utilized for the benefit of the software at hand. Instead, it is used to fund the user’s private account, so that he can begin making trades. In short, these are the handful of steps one must carry out in order to get started with a binary automated system:

  • Free Sign UpSafe and legit binary investment solutions do not require the user to enter a registration fee as their goals mainly include popularization of the software for further IPO release or will ask for a small commission after the first couple of months have passed and one has already begun profiting.
  • Pick Broker & AssetMost profit-amplifying systems operate and have close connections to reputable and regulated binary options brokers. Online investors have to choose one and open an investment account, after which they will be acquired to decide on a specific asset and its price’s direction.
  • Profits WithdrawalOne has to fill out a withdrawal request form and send it to his brokerage platform for approval along with a copy of an ID for personality verification. Transfer of the earnings does not usually take more than 3 to 5 business days, depending on where the user lives.

How Can I Begin Trading Successfully?

2No additional skills or experience are required in order to get started with a binary trading system. Every one of the approved and recommended ones offer both manual and auto-pilot mode. The first one is best suitable for seasoned and experienced investors, while the latter is most appropriate for newcomers to this financial field.

Moreover, most binary options systems which have been tested, approved and are considered 100% legitimate provide excellent conditions for further educational reading and expansion of one’s online investment horizons.

The materials are most typically presented in the form of live Webinars with professional financiers, interactive videos, eBooks, written articles and many others. Novices can simply indulge in acquiring additional knowledge, while the auto-pilot of the software generates profits in their place.


“… We find that the majority of respondents display basic financial knowledge and have some grasp of concepts such as interest compounding, inflation, and the time value of money. However, very few go beyond these basic concepts; many respondents do not know the difference between bonds and stocks, the relationship between bond prices and interest rates, and the basics of risk diversification. Most importantly, we find that financial literacy affects financial decision-making: Those with low literacy are much less likely to invest in stocks…”

Why Go for Binary Options Software?

3Many users have probably hears of the perils that lie hidden in the vast spaces of the Internet. Online marketing tools and solutions do carry their risk factors along with them, but if one carries out his preliminary investigation right and reads objective reviews, he should have no problem identifying a legit and secure binary options system.

There are many solid reasons at hand on why to opt for an automated investment software. Most of them do not require the user to have background financial knowledge or execute additional downloading of platform upgrades. Of course, some are also available as binary options apps.

Otherwise, the main arguments for signing up with a profit-amplifying solution are:

  • Secured EarningsLegitimate binary trading systems have solid programming algorithms which are capable of calculating possible market movements and asset price shifts with an accuracy rate as high as 97%. Some even apply specific special features which are can counter the effects of a losing investment. Little is left to chance.
  • Provided Education & Customer CareAll income-generating solutions offer a 24/7 customer support service which is made available via live chat, Skype, telephone and email. If one is in need of urgent advice it is better to rely on the first two. Also, systems often have exhaustive learning materials presented in different forms.
  • No Trading BackgroundThere is absolutely no necessity for one to have a professional background or education in finance so that he can begin profiting with a binary automated software. The auto-pilot mode can execute anything instead of the trader.

User Testimonials

jennifer“Binary trading systems changed my life in so many ways. When I was graduating from college, the Global Financial Crisis was just taking its toll on the economy and there was little work on the market. I was struggling to figure out how to pay off my student loan and a friend of mine said I should try investing in an income-generating solution. Since then, things have not been the same. I enjoy the prosperous life I always dreamed of.”

Jennifer Higgins, 34, UK

albert“I am a single dad who has always worked from home as a freelancer in order to care for and spend more time with my daughter. As you might tell, I was not earning very much and was in a constant battle to make ends meet. I stumbled onto an online ad for a binary options robot by accident and decided to give it a try. Wow! I now dedicate my entire life to my child and have enough to get her anything she wants and save aside for her college fund.”

Albert Hoffman, 47, Germany

regina“Trading binary options on the Internet is so easy! I never believed that one could make a stable income with as little as a single mouse click. After I got started with my first profit-amplifying system, I could never go back to my old life with the 9 to 5 lifestyle. Now, I have enough time for each one of my hobbies. I can recommend this type of Internet financial solutions to anyone”

Regina Smythe, 33, Ireland

Picking the Best Binary Options System

4There are several important things which one could consider before opening an account with a binary options robot. First of all, every user should look up the available feedback about the software as well as reviews. If it is mainly negative, then it would be best to turn to a recommended profit-amplifying solution that has already been tested and approved.

Another thing which is very important are the special features that the particular binary options robot provides. It should be able to guarantee excellence of customer support service and offer educational materials.

One more thing to consider before completing a particular binary automated solution’s sign up procedure are its broker platform connections. It should operate solely with opes that are officially monitored by CySEC and MiFID and already have established a name for themselves.

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Are There any Binary Alternatives?

The reliable alternatives to binary trading systems are signal-providers and broker platforms. The first ones are known for the fact that they too continuously scan the market for profitable opportunities on the base of which they generate signals and alert the trader. Some of them have both manual and auto-pilot mode, while others focus mainly on the latter.

Binary options brokers are generally considered to be more trustworthy. This is because they are most often subject to monitoring and regulation by officially certified bodies. Brokerages offer Welcome Bonuses, Personal Account Managers and different types of bonuses. They also regularly hold contest with more than satisfactory awards.

Both of the above described types operate under some of the strictest SSL security and safety principles. They usually store personal account data in several servers which are located in various countries. This is done in order to prevent information leakage.

Did You Know?

It is a very important factor if a binary options system goes the extra mile to take care of customers’ needs and ensure the safety of their personal details and logs. This is why, automated software and broker platforms who to comply with SSL standards are very highly-regarded in the industry.

Best & Worst Sides to Binary Options Systems

Binary trading robots are no different from the rest of the income-generating solutions available on the Internet. They have their positive and negative traits and characteristics. The most important thing, however, is whether the positive or the negative ones prevail.

Now, we are going to take a look at what to expect from an automated investment system:


➬ Variety of Trading Styles

➬ Several Investment Modes

➬ User-Friendly Interface

➬ Minimum Initial Investment

➬ No Download Required

➬ No Experience Needed

➬ Solid Payouts

➬ Low Risk Level

➬ Provided Learning Materials

➬ Good Special Features

➬ Counter-Loss Mechanism


➬ Internet Connection Needed

➬ Support Mainly in English

How do Binary Options System Function?

5Binary options system operate using highly complex algorithms, but are very easy to get started with and put to good use. One can leave the automated software do the entire hard work and still accumulate solid and stable daily profits. Of course, preliminary research of the particular robot is needed before the sign up procedure is complete.

This is done so that all odds for falling onto a scam can be eliminated. After one is sure that the particular income-generating system is legit, he can fill out the registration form and open a trading account.

A minimum initial investment of $250 is required in order for the user to begin investing and earning. Traders who have any kind of concerns as to where exactly does this monetary amount go, need to stop worrying.

It is used entirely for the purpose of funding your trading account. The sum can be withdrawn at any given moment.

Our Final Verdict

top10binary-appsBinary options systems are a legitimate and reliable mean by which one can earn a fine addition to his monthly income on the Internet. This does not mean that there are not fraudulent and dubious robots. One just has to be careful and perform a simple research into a particular software before signing up with it.

Users can always rely on Top10BinaryApps.com’s exhaustive list of Recommended Binary Options System for further clarification and guidance! The income-generating solutions featured on there have been examined and approved.

Enjoy your binary options trading and invest smart!



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