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Binary Options Robot is offering the binary options traders an amazing opportunity for earning profits in a short span of time. For any trader, it is important to understand how it works and how does it allow you to make profits by simply letting the robot do the work. has come with comprehensive information on the best binary options robots and brokers in today’s time. We want to make it easier for a newbie trader to pick the best software for trading.

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Auto trading with Binary Options Robot

Binary Options Robot is the auto trading system which executes automatically and does trading on the behalf of the trading account of the individual. It follows some trading styles and uses signals to make trading moves. The trader is also given some level of control in between. Binary Options Robot is basically a single provider and auto traders. The software is advance as compared to the ones that come with single service. The combination of single service with auto trader is fairly new and unique.

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Binary Options Robot is Available for FREE!

For those of you who had been hearing about binary options robots since 2014, if you were aware of it before, it is available for free as well. When these robots were first introduced, they were developed by the cooperation of expert traders and programmers. The cost started from $70 to even $3999, if you are looking for a customized algorithm.

Today, you don’t really need to spend this much money to access the Binary Options Robot. There is a hack available that can let you trade for FREE (read more About Free Binary Options Robot). For this purpose, you have to open a trading account, it will just demand $200 from your side. Many approved brokers can let you do that. If you don’t know one, then just select a broker from the above list.

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It is the automated signal service combined with the Binary Options Robot to let the traders execute trades through their trading accounts. Keep in mind, it is different from copy trading in which you are supposed to execute trades into your account via links. The accounts which are linked to the copy trade account execute the trade of the master account. That’s not how the Binary Options Robot works. It is simply a trading program which will take control of your computer and execute trades automatically.

You simply have to log into your robot by opening your binary account. The program works by detecting the compatible binary options trading platform and then it takes control over your computer. As the service generates signals, all of them are picked by the robot and the robot enters information like assets, its direction, amount and the expiration time. After this, the robot clicks the enter button and your trade is then set.

What is Binary Options Robot?

what isBinary Options Robot is the third-party trading program which you have to download into your computer. It is available for free and it comes with 83% winning rate. The best thing is that you don’t need any prior knowledge about binary trading. The main target market for this software is the newbie traders.

If you are wondering that the robot will occupy your computer throughout the day, then you are wrong. It simply runs on the background quietly, letting you utilize the machine. The thing that makes this program different from the copy traders or SSP accounts is the account compatibility. You can readily use other trading platforms with the robot. Popular ones are TF Tech Financials and SpotOption.

How Does the Robot Work?

You are required to sign in the trading account and push the auto trade. The software works by analyzing the market, calculating the values of the indicator sets and then it produces a signal and places it into the account automatically.

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Before you start using Binary Options Robot, you must realize that it is a black box that comes with minor adjustability. It uses 5 different indicators for obtaining signals. You can decide which one to use. If you are using more than one indicators, you are supposed to indicate a buy for executing the trade. There are terms for expiry and the options are: 30 seconds & 1 minute and 15 minutes & half an hour.  There are 6 assets options from which you can choose anyone you like. You simply have to set the trade amount, choose the expiry and the rest of the work will be done by the robot.

The Binary Options Robot lets you trade in the following trading styles:

  • Conservative: It is the simple trading style in which the instruments with low risks are used
  • Mixed: In this trading style, the range of assets are increased and you are willing to take more risks as compared to the conservative style
  • Aggressive: It comes with sophisticated indicators like moving Average Convergence, Strength Index and Slow Stochastic.

You are supposed to be sure that the correct expiry is selected for the signal that is being received and the signal is correct too. You also have to be sure that you have created the right mix of the winning and losing trades. That is how you are going to enjoy 83% success rate. You also have to assume that you are using the right combination of the technical analysis tools for ensuring success. Don’t forget to check the disclaimer that says “Previous Performance is not the guarantee of any future return.”

What Is The Cost Of The Binary Option Robot?

The Binary Options Robot is available in 2 versions i.e. the free version and the premium version which lies in the range of $899 to $1299/license.

The free version is exactly the same as the premium version but it comes with some limitations. You are not allowed access to all the premium features. You are supposed to use it with a broker. For instance, If you can buy the premium version for $599 OR you can pay a certain deposit with a broker that is providing the binary options robot. See how it works here.

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The trading platform is available in 3 styles i.e. classic, medium & aggressive. You are allowed to trade 100+ pairs, do multiple trading and use multiple signals simultaneously. If you use the free version, then you will only get access to 2 pairs.

If you cannot pay a lump sum amount for the software at once, then free version is available for you to invest a minimum sum of money in order to get started with trading. The drawback of the free version is that you can use it with only a single broker. There are some traders that are allowing you to connect with more than one broker. The free version is available in the cloud-based package. Be you are required to sign up with any of the brokers before getting started. It is recommended to deposit more than just the minimum deposit for allowing the software to do its work.