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A new trend has been introduced in binary options trading called binary options copy trading. It allows the traders to follow and replicate the trading moves of successful traders who have used the same platform. These tools come with a number of benefits but there are a few drawbacks too which people tend to neglect. If you are planning on using these platforms, then you are required to consider the following things before you take any step.

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Through social trading, many traders have already been exchanging information regarding their investment activities. The new feature now introduced is meant to replicate the trades which have been executed by the successful traders. This process has been automated by allowing the individuals to copy trade. The best part is that very little effort is required from the side of the trader.

Benefits Of Binary Options Copy Trading

  • Binary options copy trading can clearly offer you chances of earning profits by reducing the time commitment which is usually associated with binary options trading. As an individual, you are required to select which traders you want to follow and you can change the features accordingly. Other than this, you can change the investment amounts, prevent the system for selecting any amount which is higher than the threshold that you have selected and more. In order to avail this feature, you have to meet the minimum and maximum investment requirement and then you will enjoy complete control over it.

  • If your broker is trustworthy, then you will enjoy using binary options copy trading even more. This will offer you a lot of transparency. You will be clear about the success rate of the traders and this will enable you to decide which strategies to follow. You can use this information for deciding whom you are supposed to follow. If you don’t find enough information about the trader then you know what to do. You are not supposed to follow their activities blindly. If you want to get success, then you have to use your best judgments and knowledge in trading before you take any step.
  • Not all traders offer you the facility of binary options copy trading so you will have to perform thorough research for this purpose.

How Does Binary Options Copy Trading Work?

The brokers that offer the services of binary options copy trading simply level up the ability of trading. The signal provider send over signals to the subscribers through text or email. Once the trader receives the signals, he has to use them accordingly. There is always a lag time between receiving the signals and acting upon them. If you are dealing in the fast moving marketing, then this difference is what is going to make you win or lose.

Types of Binary Options Copy Trading Networks

Commonly, there are 2 types of trading platforms available for copy trading. Here they are explained:

Social Trading Network

socil tradingIt is one of the most widely used platforms in the binary options industry. They allow the traders to develop a network for interacting with each other. Social media platforms like these let you follow the options of the experienced traders. You can also collaborate with them for following their advices. You can also follow the experienced traders and contemplate over their actions. It will be up to you to decide whether or not you want to copy these actions.

Mirror or Signal Trading

This is an advanced form of auto trading software. Here, you will find experienced and successful traders for acting upon the signals provided. If you follow the actions of these experienced traders, then you will be called their fan. It will be up to you again to follow the actions of these traders. There are two benefits of these types of trades. It will help you in capitalizing on the experience of the traders and the traders will also get to share about the profits that their followers have generated.

Which Binary Options Software is the Best?

You will find Option Bot 2.0 and Algobit quite useful in binary options copy trading. Those traders who want to learn and improve their odds of many money with trading are going to make a lot of profits out of these trading platforms.

They work like any other trading platform. You will have a set of underlying assets to choose from and then you can set the criteria and then let the trading begin. If you had been among the individuals who get stressed out because of market conditions or you are not sure whether the strategies you are using will be good enough, then binary options copy trading will be your guide to success. Each broker has its own set of returns and profit ratios. Be mindful about the trading moves you make and within less time, you will secure profits for yourself.

Meaning of Binary Options Copy Trading

Copy trading is an internet trading system that has been around for quite some time and has been used by people to make a lot of profit when it comes to internet marketing strategies. Copy Trading simply refers to the process of replicating the trading techniques and strategies of the most successful traders out there in order to make profits. This is the technique that has been added to binary options which has now made it very simple and lucrative to start. Binary Options Copy Trading therefore is all about creating replicas of business strategies used by the gurus in the areas of internet marketing.

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Opting for Binary Options Copy Trading

Unlike a lot of the binary options systems (read more Here) out there which makes it very difficult for traders to keep track of the price fluctuations in all the assets that they are dealing with, binary options copy trading simply eliminates that stress associated with monitoring the performance of prices of assets on the market. With binary options copy trading, the only thing you have to do is to select a particular asset and either predict its price to rise (Call) or fall (Put). The system performs all remaining actions of replicating strategies of successful traders automatically for you.

Assets Used in Binary Options Copy Trading

There are a variety of things that a person can get involved with when it comes to binary options copy trading and they include the following;

  • Stocks like Coca Cola, Nike and Adidas
  • Forex including the likes of the USD, GBP and EUR
  • Commodities like Oil, Gold and Silver
  • Indices like Nikkei, Dow Jones and NASDAQ

These are all assets that one can trade in using the binary options copy trading.


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