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BrokerBinary Hedge Fund
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Overall Score3.5/10

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The binary options investment field has been experiencing rapid terms of development in the last couple of years. From its very humble beginnings when not many people knew about this type of online trading up until the present moment when almost everyone on the Internet is dwelling into the matter. It does have its ups and downs. This means that it can be bad for users bank accounts much in the same way as it can amplify them.


Making the right choice when picking between two different binary auto trading robots can be back-braking. People are forced to execute strenuous investigations if they want to tell if a software is legitimate or scam.

We try and aid them in this task. The present review will try and make clear whether the Binary Hedge Fund is a trustworthy investment system or not. Read further to find out.

Is Binary Hedge Fund A Trustworthy Software?

This particular binary options investment tool has been on the online market for a while now. So, we went through lots of commentaries, reactions and reviews in order to bring fort the truth. While there is also some positive feedback available, for the most part it has been predominantly negative.

Traders are apparently completely dissatisfied with the way it operates. There have been a couple of cases in which they were denied access to their funds. In other, they were unable to connect with their brokers at all and never got their request approved.

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There are close to no special features and the interface is extremely hard to navigate thorough. It is not adjustable to the user’s preferences and nothing is there where it is supposed to be found.

Based on all these findings, we can safely arrive at the conclusion that Binary Hedge Fund is most likely a scam and a hoax.

Binary Hedge Fund’s Only Special Feature

Since it does not provide customer support, a friendly interface, bonuses or any other types of special features, it is very hard to describe at least one. But thanks to our extensive examination we were able to find one for the sake of positivism. Read below.

The binary robot software provides several different payment methods: e-wallets, bank transfers and credit cards. This is the sole benefit that Binary Hedge Fund offers to its users.

Binary Hedge Fund’s Means Of Operation

This binary options investment platform has issued numerous claims of possessing an uncommon computer algorithm. It supposedly can process both ongoing and past events that may have an effect on the current financial market and its directions. This would’ve been a very unique programming code had it truly fulfilled its promises.

Unfortunately, this is not exactly the case. Many online users have signalized that the binary auto-trading system does not analyze data correctly and is thus not capable of sending the right signals to investors. Binary Hedge Fund does provide a VIP account to loyal members, but there is also nothing worthy of mentioning there.

Another negative factor is that this binary auto trading system grants an average 80% accuracy level. Which is pretty low even for a fraudulent investment solution. The normal rate for a reliable software would be between 91% and 95%. But the one given by Binary Hedge Fund is way below the standard.

Did You Know?

A fine example of a legitimate binary options trading software that provides a solid VIP Account is when it is gives online investors who make use of it some bonuses.

A good bonus would be the possibility for one to manage his risk levels. It would give him or her a better chance of succeeding and thus investing more with the software. And in the end, both sides would probably be more satisfied.

Bottom Line

thumb downWhen it first came out, everyone had quite the high expectations about this particular binary options trading robot. Well, sadly, Binary Hedge Fund did not have the ability to live up to the hype that it itself had created. Based on our research’s findings and on users’ commentaries on the Internet, we can not recommend this binary investment platform to anyone.

It will most likely lose your earnings. So, better go and try a proven and reliable system that will not turn out to be a scam. This way, your profits will be completely safe and secured.

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