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Overall Score8.2/10

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The Brit Method by Jason Taylor is one of the so many available automatically trading binary platforms. It was created at the end of 2015. As it comes apparent from the presentation of the product, the desire of the creator is to share with online investors a highly reliable, professional and legit way to generate really significant amounts of profits by placing online trades in the binary options market.

The question is – did he succeed? The Brit Method is actually seems to be a robot whose clients don’t need to have previous investing experience in order to become successful in this sphere.


According to the promotional video, the Brit Method auto-trading system, created by Jason Taylor, is designed and optimized to help traders earn profits when dealing with trading binary options. But we decided to review and analyze all the available positive responses from traders who have tried and tested the Brit Wealth System. We intend to share the gathered information in the following text.

Review Verdict: Brit Wealth System is NOT a Scam

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How to Get Started?

For the purpose of being completely helpful, we will guide you through the sign up process, as we strongly recommend that you join the auto-trading binary robot. It is already one, that has been previously approved.

  • FREE Sign Up – you open a trading account with a broker that is recommended by the Brit Method team.
  • Deposit – we revealed that the Brit Method requires just $250 initial deposit in order to start trading.
  • Trade & Profit – the process of trading is automatic and since there is enough evidence to conclude that the software is reliable, the chance to lose your funds if you let it run on autopilot is minimal.

No Download

You don’t have to download and install any files. The Brit method is entirely web-based which means that all you need is to visit the official site of the platform and log into your trading account.

How to Trade with Brit Method?

By enabling the implemented autopilot mode of the binary options system, you will let it place highly profitable trades on the market. The nice thing here is that you are not required to spend hours of your time on front of the PC as the robot earns profits on your behalf.


This means that you won’t even notice how your trading balance will start growing day after day.


We definitely believe that by using this system, you can expect high returns on your investment.

Jason Taylor explains that his binary options product is developed and optimized in user-friendly manner and having the user in mind. We found reports from traders who actually confirm this statement.


The Brit Method manages to release its members from the obligation to trade manually by placing trades on their behalf. The success rate of 97% is really above the average results, generated by other auto-trading platforms.


Signing up in The Brit Wealth System is 100% free of charge. You don’t have to pay anything to create your trading account with the robot. All you need is to place your $250 initial deposit amount so that you have a positive balance to start trading with.

Brit Wealth System – Is It Scam Or Legit Method?

Based on the outcome of our inspection about the BritMethod, we can tell you that this binary online trading system is authentic and reliable.

There are so many positive users’ testimonials, as well as other positive feedback. All this supports the theory that the robot is properly working and is a powerful trading tool. We see no reason why you shouldn’t sign up in the software and start trading with it.

Review Verdict: Brit Wealth System is NOT a Scam

Visit Brit Wealth System Website

We would also like to notice that we managed to check the legitimacy of the online investors’ stories which are shared with the public on the official website of the robot and they are all authentic.

Customer Service

If any of the registered members of The Brit Method has any problem or question, they can receive help and guidance. The supporting team of the binary auto-trading platform is highly responsive, well educated and experienced.


rita“ It was easy for me to trust this system as I happen to love anything related to Great Britain. I watched the promo video at the landing page and immediately registered in the system afterwards. 3 days later I had already earned about $2,750.

The auto-trading mode is so amazing and profitable, that you actually don’t need to trade on your own but let the robot generates profits for you. I am really satisfied with the results it delivers to me. “

Rita, 54, Belgium


editors choiceBrit Wealth System is a good choice for trading. It has some special features to offer and we are sure that the whole product is professionally designed by really experienced and educated people.

We have numerous positive testimonials when it comes to the customer service Brit Method offers. Given the fact that the system is so widely appraised by so many online traders, we claim that it is absolutely legit and income-increasing platform, you can rely on.

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