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Binary options have been enjoying a lot of popularity in recent years, which inevitably has led to constant emergence of new binary options trading systems on the market. Although there are different types of trading platforms, one of the most common kinds flooding the market are the so called binary robots.

We constantly see new auto-trading systems promoted as more advanced, more innovative and better performing, however most of them turn out to be the standard run-of-the-mill binary robots.

Review Verdict: Fintech Limited is NOT a Scam

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Few binary options systems stand out among the numerous offerings in the sector and FinTech Ltd. is one of them. The FinTech robot was introduced not that long ago, but traders’ feedback is already coming in and we made a detailed review, which you can read below.

How to Use?

FinTech Ltd. is a system for the automated trading of binary options created by Daniel Roberts who has extensive experience in data analysis and works with a team of professionals in financial trading and software development.

The FinTech Ltd. robot scans the financial markets, identifies profit-making opportunities and generates trading signals. Then the software executes the trades automatically according to parameters set by the traders. This makes the FinTech robot an extremely time-saving solution, which presents traders with the opportunity to place a much higher number of trades than would be possible manually.


Furthermore, the automated execution of trades according to predetermined settings minimizes significantly the risks associated with the emotional trading factor. That’s what makes FinTech Ltd. suitable for both new and seasoned traders.

All you have to do in order to start using this new profitable system, is to acquire a free license copy of the software and deposit a minimum of $250.

Novices can trade successfully from the very beginning even if they have certain hesitations due to inexperience, because the software isn’t influenced by human emotions and works according to solid data. For professional traders the FinTech Ltd. robot could be very beneficial because it enables them to place multiple trades at the same time, which allows for reaching a higher trading volume and subsequently increasing potential payouts.

No Download Required

It does not matter if use Windows, Linux or MAC. Nor does the software discriminate between iOS and Android. There is no need for download. Just log into your trading account through a browser and start trading. Even on the go.

How to Get Started?

Getting started with FinTech Ltd. is easy and it takes only three simple steps to start enjoying your profits. Before that, however, it is recommended to watch the introduction video on the FinTech website, in which creator Daniel Roberts explains in great detail how the system works and what inspired him to create it. Then you can proceed with the following three steps:

1. Free Sign-up. The first thing you have to do is open a free account by completing a registration form and providing your contact details.

2. Trade & Profit. The next step is to activate your account by selecting one of the reputable brokers FinTech is compatible with and depositing the required minimum of $250. Then you can start trading and making profits.

3. Withdrawal. The final step is to place a withdrawal request and receive the earnings you have made.

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User reports verify that the FinTech Ltd. software has a success ratio around 83% and above. This means that you can double your initial investment in a few hours, depending on how much you place per trade.

More aggressive in style traders have generated returns of more than $800 per hour. Of course, for novice investors it is advised to place smaller amounts per trade.


Using the FinTech Ltd. binary options robot is free of charge. Traders are not required to pay anything in order to open an account. The registration procedure takes only a couple of minutes and you only need to provide your contact information. At this point you don’t have to deposit any money.

You have to fund your account with $250 only when you decide to start trading and all the money you deposit is used exclusively for placing trades.


FinTech Ltd. operates in full transparency and doesn’t charge any hidden taxes or fees. All of this allows traders to open an account and explore the available tools and features before they decide if they want to make a deposit.

FinTech Ltd. – Scam or Legit Binary Software?

With so many binary robots flooding the market traders face the real issue of coming across fraudulent schemes and scams. Therefore, it is crucial to learn as much as possible about a binary options trading system before you decide to sign up for it. In addition to reading other traders’ feedback and doing in-depth research, it is essential to ask yourself whether the functionalities and trading conditions offered by the binary robot will allow you to reach your trading goals.

FinTech Ltd. is exactly what it claims to be – an innovative but easy to use binary options auto-trading system that makes the trading process more streamlined and efficient.

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How is FinTech Ltd. Special?

On a market already oversaturated with binary options trading systems, and especially binary robots, it is quite hard to find an auto-trading system that stands out among the competition.

Unlike the majority of binary option robots FinTech has several aspects that make it an excellent choice for traders of all levels of proficiency. FinTech’s sophisticated algorithm monitors and analyzes market movements in real time and improves its accuracy as it goes.

Considering that the software can process huge amounts of data per second, the trade signals FinTech generates have very high accuracy rates.

While FinTech Ltd. is technologically advanced, it is also very user-friendly with a simple interface that allows traders to find at a glance all the tools and features they need in order to work fast and efficiently.

Customer Service

The quality of the customer support provided by the FinTech Ltd. team is very high. You can contact them at all times, via e-mail and live chat. They will support you in multiple languages.

Our investigation has revealed that you even can contact Daniel Roberts directly. He will readily assist you and answer all of your questions concerning his binary trading software.


allen“I came across FinTech Ltd. by chance. My first impression of the software was that its developers have gone above and beyond to provide the traders with sophisticated and enhanced trading experience, which has been adjusted to accommodate the needs of complete beginners as well. All of the settings that you can customize yourself and the simple and user-friendly interface it has, definitely help FinTech become one of the best trading solutions available. It is the fifth robot I sign up for in order to diversify my trading portfolio and I won’t be lying if I say it is probably the best one!”

Allen J., 51


editors choiceIn conclusion it can be said that with the current market situation where finding a reliable binary options trading system is getting more and more difficult, the FinTech Ltd. robot provides an innovative solution accessible to everyone regardless of their financial situation or skill level.

FinTech enables traders to minimize the risks of losing money, increase their profitability and enjoy a safe and secure trading experience. And for all the reasons, covered by this detailed review on FintTech Ltd., we strongly recommend it.

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