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A new piece of trading software which offers users High Quality Swiss Trading Technology has just been released onto the online market. It was established by prominent Swiss financier Hans Berger who is also owner of the company that designed and established the profit-amplifying solution. He was also aided by childhood friend Bastian Hermann.

The said is a prominent European physicist whose previous professional biography includes work for CERN, an abbreviation for the now infamous European Organization for Nuclear Research. Hans is highly regarded in his field of operation as well – high frequency trading and banking.

HBSwiss forex system made headlines for its appliance of quantum computing models and putting to work the Black-Scholes-Merton continuous equation principle along with the basics of theories developed by Grover and Shor.

We decided to carry out an investigation into the automated investment software in order to better determine whether it is a scam or legit. The results that came back were quite impressive and one can read more details about the system in the following review.

Review Verdict: HB Swiss is NOT a Scam

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How to Work with HBSwiss System?

Among HBSwiss Software’s prime characteristics is the fact that it utilizes SSL encrypted protocols in order to guarantee that the safety and security of all client funds and data is provided for. The said are also stored in several different servers around the world.

Quantum computing models have been gathering quite the attention in the forex industry in the last year, so it is no surprise HB Swiss System’s programming algorithm is partially based on them. This is why it is fully capable of processing market information faster than other profit-amplifying solutions on the Internet.

Interesting Fact:

Black-Scholes-Merton’s continuous equation principle is actually a mathematical model which is heavily applied in options trading. It applies derivative instruments and has a risk-free interest rate.

One should keep in mind that there are close to no arbitrage opportunity.

No Download Necessary

One of the most peculiar things about thisforex robot is that there is no necessary download. HBSwiss System is among the very few profit-amplifying solutions that are 100% browser-based. Users will not have to go through the tedious process of acquiring additional software or upgrades. Anyone who wishes to trade on the go is also free do to so without view of the device type he has.

How to Sign Up with HBSwiss Software?

The HBSwiss Software has an extremely high winning ratio and a success rate which often exceeds 87%. It is fully capable of achieving it even on auto-pilot mode. All the user testimonials present on the Internet go to verify that this is true.

One can easily get started with HB Swiss System in just a couple of minutes and by completing several easy steps. Users have to fill out a sign up form and then confirm their registration by opening a confirmation mail and clicking on the applied link inside.

They will then have to place a starting deposit which amounts to a minimum of $250 and will be referred to one of the regulated and licensed brokers that the income-generating robot operates with.

Below follows a short list of what one has to do in order to get started with HBSwiss:

1. Register Free

2. Make Initial Investment

3. Trade & Achieve Success

HB Swiss System Expected Returns

Thanks to the High Quality Swiss Trading Technology anyone can anticipate solid returns of no less than 87%. If the user is a more sophisticated trader who has vast experience in the field, then he can choose to invest on manual mode and implement different strategies he has learned.

Even complete newcomers, however, will be enabled to earn sufficient monetary sums as the quantum computing model, according to which the algorithm was designed, works perfectly.

HB Swiss Software Average Price

HBSwiss System is available to users completely free-of-charge. One can make best use of it without having to deposit anything other than the initially required minimum sum of $250. Investors should keep in mind that it is utilized entirely for trading purposes and can be withdrawn anytime.

Is HBSwiss System a Scam or Legit Software?

This forex system is one of the best pieces of automated trading software. Not only does it act as a digital ‘god in the machine’ because of the quantum computing models it was established after, but existing feedback suggests that it can achieve beyond any doubt what it has promised to online traders.

Creator Hans Berger is an actual person who has managed to establish a name for himself in the European financial sphere. HBSwiss is a cleverly designed product which is legit and authentic.

Review Verdict: HB Swiss is NOT a Scam

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HBSwiss Customer Support Care

This profit-amplifying solution provides 24/7 support to all of its clients. One can get a hold of them via telephone, live chat and email. They tend to respond in a timely manner and users have not reported any delays or troubles with the service.

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User Testimonials

“HBSwiss has done miracles for my financial state! The forex software is fully efficient and I have never experienced any kind of troubles when trying to customize it exactly according to my personal preferences. Thanks to the trading system that Hans established I even managed to raise my lifestyle bar considerably!”

Matheo Lacroix, 38, France

“This automated trading robot has achieved so many things for me – it bettered my financial state, provided me with a handful of opportunities to increase my online earnings and shed some positive light in my life. I was jobless and slowly slipping into a mild depression before I got started with it. Now, I not only stayed afloat but I can lead my life just the way I want it!”

Aya Kaspar, 27, Slovenia


editors choiceHBSwiss System is a legit and genuine trading product which was established by people who have acquired the necessary higher education. There is a very good reason why so many people have proceeded to open investment accounts with it. It is a prime example of High Quality Swiss Trading Technology at its best. Users can sign up with it in a safe and secure manner.

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