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Binary options trading was never easy. Even with automated trading systems, there is a degree of risk associated with trading binary options. The recently launched VirtNext has been creating waves in the financial market lately. We have heard a lot about the system. The information we have found tells us that the VirtNext system, created by Vincent Bollore, is profitable and it can help traders fulfill their financial dreams.

It has an accuracy rate of over 80% and since it makes the right predictions most of the time, traders are guaranteed to get good returns on their investments. The system is relatively new in the market and therefore we have doubts about it being legit. Therefore, we conducted a research and we have detailed our findings in this short review.

Is VirtNext System A Scam? 

The VirtNext is definitely not a scam but it doesn’t deliver the results that it has been claiming to deliver. Moreover, their choice of brokers doesn’t make them any reliable because all of their brokers are new in the industry and they are neither licensed nor reputable. During our research, we weren’t able to collect enough information about this system and on this basis we don’t want to recommend it.

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How Much Does VirtNext System Cost?

The cost of the VirtNext is zero. There is absolutely no charge for accessing it. However, there is a simple requirement that must be met. Traders must use an accepted broker only and deposit money into their account. The deposit amount is about $250. The creator gets a commission from the broker you are linked with so there is no direct payment from your side for the software.

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How Does VirtNext System Work?

Analysis of the marketplace takes automatically when you use the VirtNext system. The robot is capable of generating signals based on its predictions which traders can use to make trades. But the reliability and accuracy of the signals generated is questionable. The way the system works allows it to make predictions and send alerts to traders, but we don’t think we can rely on the system to execute winning trades most of the time. Traders must use their knowledge and expertise to trade.

How To Get Started?

  1. Sign Up – on their webpage, you will find a sign up section where you are only required to submit your name and email address.
  2. Trade – registering with an assigned broker will give you access to the system after which you can start trading.
  3. Withdrawal – the returns that you accumulate on your investments can be transferred to your personal account such as bank account.

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Special Features

One way in which creators of automated systems can impress traders is by offering special features that can lower their risks of trading and give them a better experience. But with the VirtNext system, we didn’t find any features that can be helpful for traders except the fact that it trades automatically and is easy to use.



  • Reduces the Time for Technical Analysis
  • Easy to Set up & Get Started
  • 24/7 Customer Support


  • Internet Connection is Required
  • Minimum Language Support
  • Basic Knowledge is Required to Set Parameters
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