30 Day Change guarantees high success rate and risk free trades. But can this Binary Option Robot be trusted or is 30 Day Change a Scam Auto Trading System?

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The Top10BinaryApps.com team investigated 30 Day Change and find out that this auto trading software does not rate high in Google Trends and there is not enough information about it (see the Google Trends’ graph below).

We cannot confirm that 30 Day Change is a scam free robot and that this system can meet your expectations for high profits and secure trading. We recommend choosing trusted and approved Binary Option Robot from the traders TOP choices or Proceed to Safety:

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30 Day Change Review

30 Day Change software was developed to help traders to easily predict financial market trends and to enable them to get high returns. It is an automated system that claims to achieve profits from traders’ investments. 30 Day Change offers a small list of assets such as 60 seconds, one touch and high/low. Assets include commodities, currencies, indices and stocks. Users can either place a call when the market shows a high likelihood of rising and a put when markets are predicted to fall.

The system claims that the one touch trading option can generate up to 100% in returns, which is unrealistic and might just be a sales pitch to convince clients that the system works. There is no guarantee that anyone can actually win that amount while using this robot.

The website tries to convince its customers that the software is completely free yet requires a deposit of $250 to start trading. Traders can use debit and credit cards, money bookers (Skrill), wire transfer among others to make payments. This only shows just how undependable the system is by lying to users just to get them to register so that they can receive their commission of the broker.

30 Day Change Scam

The website displays the recent winners who have earned from $100 to $750 but you are not shown the recent losses, which are very frequent in this type of online trading. This attempt to show that the system is flawless only proves that it might be another scam created to make money from unsuspecting traders. It also claims that about 167 traders increased their income from a monthly salary of $3,200 to approximately $46,572.79 in less than 30 days which clearly impossible. This statement is over exaggerated and cannot be verified.

The badges and security badges in the website are meaningless and should not be taken as the real thing because they do not specify who has secured it. The site does not support HTTP (SSL) which is usually the industry’s standard for very sensitive data found on this system. Legit software should be regulated by the relevant authorities like CySEC and other EU based institutions. This ensures that your transactions are keenly monitored to prevent fraudulent activities mostly experienced by fake systems.

30 Day Change claims to have received certain awards but they fail to specify who awarded the awards that can only mean that the awards are not from reputable organizations since they have not provided any links to support their claims.

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30 Day Change claims that you just need to relax and leave all the hard work for the robot. This is clearly a wrong move because nothing is that easy. If you want to make good profits then you have to work hard for by learning how to trade and the strategies one can use. Such sites tell users that they do not need any experience related to trading in the financial markets.

This statement is deceptive because in order to make profits you will need basic trading knowledge. Binary options trading are very risky and there are people who have lost large amounts of investments on scam systems by making poor trading choices. The 3% of the total earnings paid to Simon only proves that they only want to take your money. The creators of 30 Day Change make more money whether you win or lose and especially more if you lose.

30 Day Change Video Review

The video of 30 Day Change provides testimonials from random people who were paid to say how the successful the system works because they were able to make large profits. The section that displays the available positions is used to rush clients to sign up thinking that the positions available are limited and could be closed soon. This gimmick is commonly used by scam systems that want to acquire more clients. The bank statements of the people in the video also seem bogus and can easily be manipulated to trick viewers in to thinking that the software is genuine.

30 Day Change System

Simon promises that you can earn up to $8000 in a single day, which is just a ploy to make his viewers interested. Many systems are coming up giving false statements that are not genuine. There are numerous complaints about this software proving that it might not be legit. There is even a case where a trade lost his initial investment and their representative tried to persuade him to deposit and invest another $250 to get back what he lost. Immediately after making your initial investment some are harassed to add more money so that to increase their profits.

You should watch out for fake software that is created to swindle people by convincing them that they can make high returns on their initial investments. It is advisable to register with platforms that are reputable and well establishe.


thumb downQuick Cash System is a binary options automated trading software. Quick Cash System provides the traders with simple interface but the settings are complicated to understand for both beginners and professional traders.

Quick Cash System does not have a transparent reputation and the customer satisfaction is at a low level although it promises 100% accuracy and extraordinary winning ratio. Since our team was not able to find any real proof for their statements and we cannot confirm that this binary options software is safe – we highly recommend our traders to avoid this system.


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