Gemini 2 guarantees high success rate and risk free trades. But can this Binary Option Robot be trusted or is Gemini 2 a Scam Auto Trading System?

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The team investigated Gemini 2 and find out that this auto trading software does not rate high in Google Trends and there is not enough information about it (see the Google Trends’ graph below).

We cannot confirm that Gemini 2 is a scam free robot and that this system can meet your expectations for high profits and secure trading. We recommend choosing trusted and approved Binary Option Robot from the traders TOP choices or Proceed to Safety:

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What Is Gemini2?

Brandon Lewis is the supposed creator of the so-called Gemini2 trading system. He is also CEO of Gemini Holdings – according to our findings, this company that is said to stand behind Gemini2, actually does not exist.

This is the first red flag we discovered while investigating the Gemini 2 software. At first sight, it seems like a very good offer with profitable opportunities. When you research a bit more, you will find out that there are better Gemini2 alternatives, which have been proven to work.

Creator of Gemini2 – Brandon Lewis, presents his software as a fully automated binary options trader. All that is required is to place an initial deposit. Here, you can find another red flag. Mr. Lewis claims that the minimum requirement is $250, but people who have risked signing up with Gemini 2, have been made to deposit $500. Misleading advertising is a serious reason to consider this algo-trading software to be a scam.

Gemini2 promises its clients daily profits of at least $10,000. This is an unimaginable amount, given the fact that trading robots have a daily limit on the trades they can execute. It is just a far-fetched promise.

How to Get Started with Gemini2?

You need to complete three steps to experience the whole trading process with the software:

1. Submit your details – consider this carefully. Given the fact that Gemini2 is most likely a scam, your personal information is not 100% safe with it.

2. Deposit required funds – even though we are told the minimum deposit is $250, people are forced to deposit at least $500 to begin trading.

3. Withdraw – there are a lot of reports from traders saying that your funds are being blocked and you cannot complete a withdrawal.

These factors are enough to consider the Gemini 2 software to be a scam.

Is Gemini2 Scam or Legit Software?

Gemini2 is property of a non-existent company. Brandon Lewis is probably fabricated and this is a paid actor. There is no confirmation of the profitability of the trading system.

There are no SSL protocols or any encryption for that matter. Additionally, Gemini 2 misleads potential clients by saying they accept a minimum deposit of $250, while in reality they require at least $500. These are all shady practices that only undermine the claims for authenticity.

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Along with our investigation, we discovered a lot of negative feedback from users who have had a horrible experience with the Gemini2 trading robot. Avoid it, due to the fact that it is a scam and an unreliable trading system. There are much better, safe and secure alternatives, like the Quantum Code trading robot for example.

Final Thoughts

The Gemini 2 algo-trading system also claims to provide features for its users. The most notable of them is the Compound Trades one. During the test we conducted and the research we made, our investigation team discovered that the Compound Trades feature does not work in benefit to the trader.

Other than that, there is nothing actually confirmed to work properly that Gemini2 can offer its potential clients.


thumb downGemini 2 is a binary options automated trading software. Gemini 2 provides the traders with simple interface but the settings are complicated to understand for both beginners and professional traders.

Gemini 2 does not have a transparent reputation and the customer satisfaction is at a low level although it promises 100% accuracy and extraordinary winning ratio. Since our team was not able to find any real proof for their statements and we cannot confirm that this binary options software is safe – we highly recommend our traders to avoid this system.


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