Google Trader guarantees high success rate and risk free trades. But can this Binary Option Robot be trusted or is Google Trader a Scam Auto Trading System?

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The team investigated Google Trader and find out that this auto trading software does not rate high in Google Trends and there is not enough information about it (see the Google Trends’ graph below).

We cannot confirm that Google Trader is a scam free robot and that this system can meet your expectations for high profits and secure trading. We recommend choosing trusted and approved Binary Option Robot from the traders TOP choices or Proceed to Safety:

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Google Trader Review

An investor would always seek for ways in which binary options trading can be made profitable. The Google Trader software is a binary options software, which promises to monitor the market by keeping an eye out for beneficial trade opportunities through a knowledge of the timings of the productive investments in the market. At first thought it might seem to be financially productive, the negative feedback from the customers has raised doubts about Google Trader being a scam binary options trading software.

Google Trader System

Google Trader System simplifies the binary options trading while diversifying it and the swift changing format does not ensure stability. The primary binary option is “Up” or “Down” but the traders are not made aware of the higher and lower limits of any given currency pair by the time frame when the options would expire. The easiest type of binary options is “One touch” with a direct contact with the price of a currency pair or item.

The price would substitute a formerly determined one and the investment is carried forward with a specified profit percentage and in most cases of contrasting situations results in the complete loss of the investment value. The fourth of the binary options promises to be more beneficial where the users can gain greater profits by undertaking greater risks. However, the withdrawal rules at the brokers who are recommended by the Google Trader keep changing without informing the customers and the system hasn’t proved to be trustworthy yet.

Google Trader Software

The Google Trader software is computerized and functions on autopilot and there is always a risk of wrong data entry. The software undertakes a minute by minute analysis of the binary options trading and includes learning methodologies to see that the users engage in positive trading. However, the user has to master the art of analysing the graphs on entering the Google Trader software as the tools for the technical analysis of the market, which cannot be done easily if not knowledgeable of the tricks of the trade.

By reading the graphs, the traders are said to choose the basic prices and the productive trading deals. The technical indicators can assist in maximizing the profits by predicting the future status of the prices but these too can be accidental. To trade binary options with success, the customers have to watch out for the pass signals, which signify whether the trending original price was “Up” or “Down”.

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Google Trader Results

At present, the members of Google Trader are promoted to have managed a profit of $128 dollars in total as updated every ten seconds. The average user has been said to make a profit of $1800 by its algorithm, which ensures 96.47% accuracy. However, there is no real proof and the numbers don’t match since it hasn’t been able to surpass the trade of the average trading software in the market by 59.3% lesser binary options trading.

Google Trader Complaints

The step by step simplistic procedure of binary options trading as conducted by Google Trader seems too good to be true. Complaints have been raised by the members that its exclusive online availability, free installation and lack of a demo do not provide transparency. Since this software doesn’t seem to be licensed and regulated, interested traders are advised to choose a more reputable binary options software.


thumb downGoogle Trader is a binary options automated trading software. Google Trader provides the traders with simple interface but the settings are complicated to understand for both beginners and professional traders.

Google Trader does not have a transparent reputation and the customer satisfaction is at a low level although it promises 100% accuracy and extraordinary winning ratio. Since our team was not able to find any real proof for their statements and we cannot confirm that this binary options software is safe – we highly recommend our traders to avoid this system.


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