Professional Robot guarantees high success rate and risk free trades. But can this Binary Option Robot be trusted or is Professional Robot a Scam Auto Trading System?

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The team investigated Professional Robot and find out that this auto trading software does not rate high in Google Trends and there is not enough information about it (see the Google Trends’ graph below).

We cannot confirm that Professional Robot is a scam free robot and that this system can meet your expectations for high profits and secure trading. We recommend choosing trusted and approved Binary Option Robot from the traders TOP choices or Proceed to Safety:

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Professional Robot by Binary Professor Review

The Professional Robot was developed by a binary professor called George S. who claims to have over 35 years’ experience in the financial markets, has gained vast knowledge which he used to create the robot.

According to George, a deposit of $250 can earn you more than $30000 while on autopilot. He goes on and says that he has published reviews about binary robots and brokers on his website. The testimonials from traders who have an excellent experience while using the system. These people look like actors who were paid to say the things that most investors want to hear. Websites that have fake testimonials are usually not legit and only try to impress customers by providing fake information.

Professional Robot by Binary Professor Scam

Another fact that points to the fact that this software may not be legit is because it is not regulated. This means that the user’s funds are not monitored and they can lose their investments. A reliable platform offers its clients a secure way of doing online transactions especially due to the increased rates of scam auto trading systems. CySEC is a pertinent organization that ensures all the regulated companies adhere to the rules and specifications that protect binary options traders.

We cannot confirm the safety of the Professional Robot and we advise traders to choose another approved and trusted binary options robot.

Professional Robot by Binary Professor Auto Trading Software

Just like other software Professional Robot is “free”. We all know that in the binary options industry no system is free. They just say that so that many people can sign up. They will then ask you to deposit funds in to the brokers trading account a minimum of $250. Unfortunately, the money is not refundable and you can only make a withdrawal after the specified number of trades.

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Professional Robot can be downloaded into most devices that have the required memory storage. The download process is simple and can be accessed online. Before you are allowed to use the robot, you must fill out an activation form that enables you to access the binary software. The robot searches for signals and alerts the user. You will then have to open a position in the specific trade and the software takes care of everything.

The active comment section seems like a sales strategy to persuade traders that it is a legit system. George claims that since the site is a genuine platform they are not scared of negative comment because there might be none.

There is a section in the website that says only 2 spots  are remaining but am sure that every single time you visit that web page the same icon will appear. This is a typical tactic used by scam software to rush clients into registering thinking that the positions are limited.

Professional Robot by Binary Professor System

The creator of Professional Robot – George S. boasts of its unique and advanced nature that is best suited for the current market trend that enables it to generate large profits which makes many people to afford a lavish lifestyle.

This claim cannot be true since there is no hard evidence that proves the system has worked for any user. It certainly raises more questions about the authenticity of the system. A major characteristic of scam systems is the exaggeration of its features and success rates, which are normally unrealistic.

Professional Robot by Binary Professor Results

The absence of a demo account inhibits users from fully achieving their targets. Immediately investors start trading, they are at risk of losing all their initial investments. Demo accounts acts as a training field, which equips traders by familiarizing themselves with the system’s features and how it functions. We recommend that users choose trading systems that provide helpful feature which reduce the risks involved in binary options trading.

 The complaints that exist might not be from genuine users but possibly from the competitors. However, we advise traders to choose regulated systems that have positive reviews.


thumb downProfessional Robot is a binary options automated trading software. Professional Robot provides the traders with simple interface but the settings are complicated to understand for both beginners and professional traders.

Professional Robot does not have a transparent reputation and the customer satisfaction is at a low level although it promises 100% accuracy and extraordinary winning ratio. Since our team was not able to find any real proof for their statements and we cannot confirm that this binary options software is safe – we highly recommend our traders to avoid this system.


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